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Selmas Cookies

Once upon a time…
Twenty years ago, Selma Sayin began as a passionate baker and a visionary whose secret recipes warmed the hearts and satisfied the sweet tooth of friends, clients and family… 3-1/2  inches in diameter, chocolatey, nutty, filled with the finest ingredients… her cookies quickly became the talk of the town.

From her recipes arose a cookie empire, a team of bakers, who upon one bite of Selma’s ooey-gooey and decadently wholesome cookies, succumbed to one woman’s passion of pure bakery bliss.

Today Selma’s has become a cookie movement… supported by Selma’s Cookies kitchens in Orlando and Riverside where they bake colossal confections for ‘cookiethusiasts’ throughout North America and the world.

Over the years, it’s become impossible to hide one major part of Selma’s secret recipe that’s enjoyed by millions… it’s the sheer size of her ¼ lb confections. Cookies, brownies, crispies… each recipe, each cookie and confection is truly bursting with flavor. Experience overloaded bliss, join in the cookie movement.

Find Selma’s Cookies at your favorite coffee shops, theme parks, bakeries and gourmet shops or order Selma’s online. Perfect for holidays, special occasions and everyday cravings… be sure to treat yourself and others to Selma’s.

Imagine the aroma of Selma’s kitchens, brimming with countless cookie-crazed bakers committed to the real flavors and honest ingredients of Selma’s. Every Selma cookie is made from scratch with wholesome ingredients and is trans fat free. It’s no wonder Selma’s has earned awards over the years, and with our constant creativity, more recipes, more concoctions and more awards are yet to come…

You can find many of our award-winning treats at these locations:

  • Major Florida and California theme parks.
  • Barnie's Coffee and Tea
  • Many Gloria Jean's and Coffee Beanery Stores
  • Specialty and Gourmet coffee shops
  • Various Las Vegas Casinos
  • Many of your favorite book stores
  • Your local grocery store
  • Major department stores